Likely among the best mysteries for the new one-man shop window cleaner is being aware of what to charge for the window cleaning services. First you need to remember that you’re becoming a company and as such, your profits go towards the expense of running a company as well as placing food on your kitchen table as well as a roof over your head. If a new window cleaner may get this consistently, then they are well on their way to earning $60-$70\/hr by their second year. Even after you’ve calculated what to charge per window\/job in order for you to achieve the return of $50\/hr, you will be earning this as an unskilled window cleaner.

Until you have been cleaning windows for some time, technically you are still unskilled. After you have developed the abilities to clean windows more appropriately and rapidly, your hourly yield rate will increase. Storm windows are often priced much higher due to the work load, not just in cleaning them, but also the time it might take to take them aside and re assemble them. Both things that will establish what you bill is how your per window cost meets your earning target and also what the market will bare. Usually a per window cost will be less than residential work.

Reasons for this include such things as degree of opposition in your, easier window fashions, more frequent visits In plenty of cases you could be ask only to clean the outside glass only. Pricing of anyplace between $1 per pane side to $2 per pane side is very typical for walk out industrial glass, but might need to be improved depending on other variables. If you’re looking at going after storefront work, it’s frequently a wise idea to set the absolute minimum per service stop since several stores might only have the absolute few pieces of glass. If you are aiming at getting many small shops in one area location, you might wish to set your minute per stop at around $15 as well as test the waters for going up from there. The one primary attribute in doing storefront work is that even though you might make a lot less per stop, you plan to make it up in volume.